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Potass is replacing ICE again, with five locations in the United States being phase fine

Voltaire Potas will once again relinquish his starting positions in the United States. Finn will be assigned a new internal combustion engine (ICE, version) which will cost him five starting places once he qualifies. This is the sixth edition of the engine component for Finn, which says that something is seriously wrong. One may question the reliability of Louis Hamilton’s machine.

Potas has already been assigned a new engine twice, so he now has five sets of engine parts in his engine pool. However, this is not enough: Mercedes needs to change parts of the United States, which means Potass is taking another phase of punishment. After qualifying in Texas, he will be pushed back five places.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. After Potos got his fifth bike in Russia, he was expected to finish the year easily with the size of parts he had at the time. This is not a case that raises important questions about the reliability of the Mercedes engine.

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Danger to Hamilton

For Hamilton, it also means he is at risk of a possible stage fine. Previously, Britain could only escape with an ICE change, which put him in first place and he was fined ten places grid. If he goes through his machines like Hamilton Potos, the seven-time world champion will also face grid punishment.