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Marvel’s Avengers breaks promise to add premium payout

Crystal Dynamics promised prior to launch that players would not be able to score boosts for their Marvel’s Avengers characters in exchange for payment. However, one year after release, the publisher reneged on that promise.

The game, which disappointed to say the least despite its high budget, once again caused the fans to get angry. It is possible to purchase boosts for characters, so players can start with better content early on.

This in itself is not very new in these types of games, however, the developer promised before the release that he would not engage in such practices. In a post on the official website at the time, the publisher stated:

“We’ve also committed that the real money content in Marvel’s Avengers is only aesthetic additions, which will help keep the game fresh for years to come.”

This wasn’t the only time this claim was made – this discussion point about the game’s non-cosmetic content being entirely free has been repeated in interview after interview. It was a huge moment during the game’s reveal at E3. They stood on stage and promised cheers to the crowd.

To be clear, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics don’t break all their promises. Future DLCs will still be free. In fact, I’m sure they’ll argue that the boosts aren’t “added content” at all, which is why their words still hold true. What has changed, however, is that there will be a non-cosmetic option on sale for the first time.

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You can imagine what happened after that. Reddit the game is on fire from fans who feel lied to. men Briefly With a screenshot of Tony Stark’s confrontation with Steve Rogers from the opening scenes of Avengers Endgame: “No confidence. Liar.”

On the other hand, it’s not really a strange move from Square Enix, as the game didn’t become the success they had in mind. In this way, it seems that the publisher gets a little more revenue to recoup the budget for the game. What do you think of Marvel’s Avengers? And can you understand the choice of Square Enix? Be sure to let us know in the comments!