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Princess Alexia's private bold party photos are causing a stir, and the royal family's reaction is upset |  showbiz

Princess Alexia’s private bold party photos are causing a stir, and the royal family’s reaction is upset | showbiz

PropertyDutch Princess Alexia, daughter of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima, is currently studying at Atlantic College in Wales. 16-year-old Alexia is clearly enjoying student life, as evidenced by the hot photo that surfaced on social media. The photo has caused an uproar in the Netherlands, where a strict media law prohibits viewing of private photos of underage royals. Meanwhile, the Government Information Service (RVD) responded.

In the photo in question, which was shared by the Dutch site this and thatAlexia is shown wearing scarlet lace underwear and a black mini skirt. If you look more difficult, you can immediately see that the princess is not afraid to take daring poses in front of the camera. Together with a group of friends, the standing princess with her buttocks turned to the camera. The rest of the girls were dressed in hot clothes that looked a lot like underwear.

The photos in question were taken during Alexia School’s so-called “Gay Focus Week,” a week entirely dedicated to gender identity and embracing your body. According to some sources, a themed party was organized where the students were allowed to wear revealing clothes. Photos of Alexia and her friends were taken at that time.

Ditjes en Datjes caused quite a stir with the news. It appears that “Alexia is heading towards the new school” on its homepage. However, the message in question may have serious consequences for the site. Distribution of unofficial portraits of the Dutch royal family is prohibited. This is to protect their lives as much as possible from the outside world.

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possible punishment

It is not yet known what the consequences will be for the Dutch site. There is a good chance that editors will be reprimanded by the State Information Service (RVD), the government body responsible for providing information about the Royal House. A possible penalty would be the failure to welcome responsible journalists at official (photographed) events for future Dutch royals.

Our northern neighbors themselves have slightly fewer problems with Prince Alexia’s bold outfit. A survey by Dettjes and Datjes showed that 9,600 Dutch people think Alexia should go crazy. The other 2,200 readers (in total about 11,000 people have their opinion) believe that a teenage girl should act like a princess because she has a perfect job.

Atlantic College of Wales is a prestigious school that attracts many dignitaries, including members of the royal family. Princess Elizabeth studied there for two years, and Princess Leonor of Spain is currently attending school there.

second in line

Alexia is the middle daughter of Dutch King Willem-Alexander and his wife Queen Maxima. She is the sister of Crown Princess Amalia, and she also has a younger sister: Ariane. Therefore, it is second in line to the Dutch throne.

The royal family’s reaction

RVD is now responding on behalf of Willem-Alexander and Maximá on Shownieuws. RVD says this is a special case. It has also been confirmed that Alexia is a minor. Although posting cannot be prevented, it is advised not to share the image.

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