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Princess Diana's butler warns Harry and Meghan: 'They've let things go too far' Royal

Princess Diana’s butler warns Harry and Meghan: ‘They’ve let things go too far’ Royal

She would never reveal it in person, but according to Paul Burrell – then Princess Diana’s butler – Queen Elizabeth had been upset with the behavior of her grandson and his wife for months. For example, the British royal family was recently shocked by the announcement of Harry’s memoirs. This book should be on shelves next year, but it already threatens to sow resentment and overshadow the festivities surrounding the Queen’s platinum jubilee.

“The Queen who hires lawyers has never been seen before. It’s her way of saying ‘enough, enough is enough,’” Burrell told Closer Magazine. “The Queen is a warm, honest, loyal, tolerant and compassionate woman. But if you annoy her or lie more than once, you lose her respect. And things seem to have gone too far, and there are no signs Harry and Meghan will ever stop firing cruise missiles at the royal family.”

Diana’s former butler is unhappy with Harry and Meghan’s approach. “In the past, the ‘never complain, never explain’ rule would have worked, increasing the ambiguity and privacy of the royal family. But these days, with the speed of news and social media, that just can’t work, especially given the The allegations of Harry and Meghan. This constant flow of information from across the Atlantic – and seemingly unlimited – has the potential to wreak havoc on both the monarchy and the royal family.” Paul Burrell adds that Queen Elizabeth is “worried” about the plans Harry and Meghan are currently making, which makes her want to “fight back” before he can take another step.

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