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Noma finally gets a third Michelin star

Noma finally gets a third Michelin star

Copenhagen restaurant Noma finally got its third Michelin star on Monday after years of waiting. The star restaurant has been voted the best restaurant in the world several times and Chef René Redzepi is considered one of the greatest in modern gastronomy.

Noma was one of two new three-star restaurants in Scandinavia, along with Maaemo Restaurant in Oslo. Described as an ‘urban oasis’, the restaurant has been awarded for its ‘strong connection to nature’ and the fact that ‘extraordinary seasonal ingredients are served in creative and complex dishes’.

The name of the restaurant is a combination of the Danish words “nordisk” (Scandinavian) and “mad” (food). It was opened in 2003 on a pier in the center of Copenhagen. In 2018, I moved to an area a bit more out of town.

• Going behind the scenes for the best restaurant in the world

Noma has been voted World’s Best Restaurant for four years (2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014), but the lack of a third star has long been a topic of debate in the gastronomic world. Too bold or too visual, too revolutionary or too erratic? The reasons for this absence have long been debated.

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