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Princess Eugenie pays tribute to Prince Philip after naming her child after him |  Property

Princess Eugenie pays tribute to Prince Philip after naming her child after him | Property

PropertyBritish Princess Eugenie, 30, wrote a lovely greeting to her grandfather, Prince Philip, on Instagram. He will be buried in St George’s Church in London on Saturday. According to the princess, I learned a lot from him. “I will never forget you.”

“Dear Grandpa, we all miss you,” she began. “You will be very impressed by the lovely words many people have said about you in the last few days. There are people who remember that you sat next to them at a dinner party, or that you shook hands with them once, to whom you said“ hello ”during success or to whom the DofE Award (The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award) means , Editor) a lot. “

“I personally remember how I learned to cook, how to draw, how to read what I read,” she continues. I remember laughing at your jokes and asking questions about your wonderful life in the Navy. I remember burning sausages on the grill and you came to my rescue. I remember your hands, your smile and your favorite beer. I will remember you thanks to your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Thank you for your dedication and love to all of us. Especially for Grandma. We will take care of her at your place. With so much love, Eugenie. ”

Through the message, she also shared some cute photos as she can be seen with her grandfather, both as a child and as an adult woman. Earlier this year, Eugene also named her firstborn, whom she gave birth to with husband Jack Brooksbank. Her son is called August Philip Hawke Brooksbank.

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Eugenie is another royal who shares her sweet memories of Prince Philip. His sons (Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and Princess Anne) and his other grandchildren (Prince William and Prince Harry) have also done the same before.

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Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooks Bank with their son August Philip Hook Brooksbank. © AP