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“When I feel comfortable, I dare to be naughty …

“When I feel comfortable, I dare to be naughty …

After a candid conversation, Gertjan finally gets a date with Elke Clijsters.

“I never expected anything again, because I would never be there.” But look, Bachelors Change has his first private date with Elke Clijsters Thursday evening Bachelorette de. In a group conversation, he shows his cards for the first time: gradually he has real feelings for Elke. His candor is rewarded with a romantic “cruise” on the River Leie.

He didn’t say anything, then all of a sudden he said: I have feelings for you. The Expatriates. This is the model Gertjan. ”From the start, the only Gertjan was fighting for a special moment with bachelorette Elke Clijsters, but week after week he got a cover over his nose.“ When I look into his eyes, I can see that there is something I find interesting, ”he says. She says. “But emotionally I don’t know if there is a flick. I still have to find out. “

Elke thought he pulled out somewhat, Gertan. But on Thursday evening, he showed a different side of himself. On a group date, he and the other four remaining bachelors are escorted to the kitchen by Elke for a candid group chat. Every man should take a ticket, read the question aloud and answer it honestly. Questions like “Have you ever fallen in love with an older woman?” Or “What have you suffered throughout your life?”

When was the last time you really fell in love? Gertjan asked. As of yesterday, the answer is. To which he immediately confesses out loud for the first time that he has feelings for Elke. “There is a feeling that grows from the beginning. Every day more and more. I also appreciate you more and more every day as the person that you are. It can truly grow into true love. The spark has been lost since yesterday.”

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Flirting on the water

He is giving Gertjan his first private date with Elke: a romantic “cruise” on Leie. There is good food and drink, a little flirting – “When I feel good, I dare be a little naughty” – but also a lot of talk. Gertjan talks about his previous relationship that broke down just eight months ago. “It has been fully installed,” confirms Elke. My ex wanted to come back, but my feelings said: Gertjan, don’t do that. For my two children, I thought to try again. But I am not making my children happy with it, if I am not happy with myself. ”

It makes Elke fear that he wasn’t a closed class yet, even though she understands his situation. She’s heading to a tough rose party. After Thursday, there will only be four bachelors left. So the final race started gradually.

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