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"Prototype Intel Raptor Lake 13900K Up To 46% Faster Than Previous Processor" - Gaming Update

“Prototype Intel Raptor Lake 13900K Up To 46% Faster Than Previous Processor” – Gaming Update

Original Post 07-15-2022, 9:02 AM –

In anticipation of the official presentation of Intel’s Raptor Lake processors, user Bilibili Extreme Player has already shared test results from the qualification sample. With this type, performance is usually close to the retail version. Looking at the 8P and 16E cores (32 threads), it is most likely the 13900K, the alleged top model.

The CPU-Z screenshot shows the chip hitting a 5.5GHz turbo clock, which should be able to hit 5.7GHz using the thermal overclocking feature. In the extreme case (7-Zip decompression test), this achieves a 51.62% rise compared to the 12900KF.

On the CPU-Z and Geekbench benchmarks, the 13900K is about 10% faster, mainly due to the increased clock speed. For example, the two i9 chips work almost identically in CPU-Z when using the same frequency. In addition to 3DMark, no specific gaming benchmarks are triggered, and here too the Raptor Lake CPU provides a boost of at least 10%.

This increased speed entails significant power consumption: during the Intel XTU endurance test, a peak value of 420W is reached according to their own words. Even with a Ph.D cooler with a 360mm cooler, the CPU seemed to throttle at 100°C. If you plan to run all cores, you may need a solid cooling solution.

13,000 processors are expected to appear in October. Intel recently announced its innovation event on September 27 and 28, where CEO Pat Gelsinger and CTO Greg Lavender will deliver keynote addresses. It remains to be seen if Lake Raptor will be revealed to the general public one of these days.

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Update 19-07-2022, 11:02 –

Extreme Player has now shared gaming benchmarks, which have been poured into a helpful overview by Twitterer Harukaze5719. In eight titles, the i9-13900K outperforms the i9-12900K by 4.5% at average frames per second in 1080p, followed by 7.1% at 1440p and 3.3% at 4K. The main spike appears to be in the minimum frames per second region. Depending on the resolution, the Raptor Lake chip offers 11 to 28% better performance.

In addition to performance, power consumption is also higher: except for two benchmarks, the 13900K constantly needs more power than its predecessor. At 1080p there is an average difference of 19%, which in the extreme case increases to 44W.

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