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Queen Castells enters the UEFA Champions League with Wolfsburg |  Bundesliga 2020/2021

Queen Castells enters the UEFA Champions League with Wolfsburg | Bundesliga 2020/2021

  1. 45 + 2 ‘- goal – Maximilian Philippe (0-2)
  2. 45 ‘- yellow – Marcel Sabitzer
  3. 36 ‘- generation – Ibrahima Konate
  4. 20 ‘- yellow – Benjamin Henriks
  5. 12 ‘- goal – Maximilian Philippe (0-1)
  1. 89 ‘- ferf. Riddle Paco door Jerome Roussillon
  2. 87 ‘- verve. Emile Forsberg by Kevin Campbell
  3. 86 ‘- yellow – Riddle Baku
  4. 79 ‘- Maximilian Philip continued by Josuha Guilavogui
  5. 78 ‘- Goal penalty kick – Marcel Sabitzer (2-2).
  6. 70 ‘- Justin Kluivert continued by Huang Hee-chan
  7. 63 ‘- ferf. Ibrahima Konate, directed by Dayot Obikano
  8. 60 ‘- yellow – Maximilian Arnold
  9. 51 ‘- yellow – Kevin Mbabou
  10. 50 ‘- Goal – Justin Kluivert (1-2).

On the first match day from the end, Wolfsburg secured football for the next season. This is the third time in the club’s history that Wolfsburg has qualified for the ball the champion.

Queen Castells are having a strong season with Wolfsburg, but with matches against Leipzig and Monchengladbach in the last two days of the games, the calendar maker has yet to hand them over.

Wolfsburg was fortunate to have rival Frankfurt lost surprisingly in the evening to Schalke 04 who were relegated long ago. Boosted by that performance, he knocked out hard against Leipzig, who needed another point to claim the title of deputy.

Philip was Wolfsburg champion before halftime, with a stunning shot in the box and an opportunistic goal in extra time, taking advantage of a cover error.

In the second half, Leipzig returned. Sabitzer didn’t score 2-2 from the point until after the video assistant referee intervened. With this toss, both teams finally managed to live.

  1. The second half and the 96th minute the match ended
  2. Josuha Jilafujwe (Wolfsburg) whistle by the referee. He talked a lot about Joseph Poulsen (Leipzig). The second half, the 94th minute.
  3. The second half, minute 89. Substitution in Wolfsburg, Jerome Roussillon inside, Riddle Baku outside
  4. Yusef Poulsen (RB Leipzig) puts his head against the ball, but is unable to hit the ball. The second half, the 88th minute.
  5. Christopher Nkunku takes a corner for RB Leipzig. The ball drops in the middle in front of the goal. The second half, the 88th minute.
  6. At RB Leipzig, Angeliño took the corner. His cross is pointing towards the first standing. The second half, the 87th minute.
  7. The second half, the 87th minute. Substitution in Leipzig, Kevin Campbell, Emile Forsberg outside
  8. A yellow card for Riddell Baku from Wolfsburg during the second half, the 86th minute
  9. Riddle Baku (Wolfsburg) whistle by the referee. Talk a lot about Emil Forsberg (RB Leipzig). The second half, the 86th minute.
  10. Flag Rule of Line: Xaver Schlager (VfL Wolfsburg) was offside. The second half, the 84th minute.
  11. Christopher Nkunku (RB Leipzig) blows the whistle by the referee. Talk powerfully about Wout Weghorst (VfL Wolfsburg). The second half, the 82nd minute.
  12. The attempt is saved by Koen Casteels (VfL Wolfsburg), who does not give up the rebound. The second half, the 80th minute.
  13. An occasional pass to Hwang Hee-Chan (RB Leipzig). His header was heading towards the goal … the second half, the 80th minute.
  14. At RB Leipzig, he took the corner by Christopher Nkunku. His cross is pointing towards the first standing. The second half, the 80th minute.
  15. The second half, minute 79. Substitution in Wolfsburg, Josuha Guilafogo, Maximilian Philippe
  16. Marcel Sabitzer (RB Leipzig) puts the ball in the penalty spot and converts the penalty kick. The second half, the 78th minute.
  17. Goal after a penalty kick in the second half, the 78th minute by Marcel Sabitzer from Leipzig. 2, 2.
  18. Penalty kick for RB Leipzig! Paulo Ottavio (Wolfsburg) was wrong. Amadou Haidara (RB Leipzig) has been discontinued. The second half, the 77th minute.
  19. Penalty kick in favor of RB Leipzig. The video assistant referee studied the pictures and the referee put the ball on the point. The second half, the 76th minute.
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