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Queen Elizabeth sits alone to say goodbye to Philip: "Hartvers ...

Queen Elizabeth sits alone to say goodbye to Philip: “Hartvers …

It is a moving picture: British Queen Elizabeth who was forced to sit alone during her husband’s funeral due to Corona procedures.

The halo measures also apply to the British royal family. So Prince Philip’s funeral took place in a limited circle. Only thirty people were allowed to attend the service. And also the Church of St. George was banished. This means that the queen sat alone when she said goodbye to her husband. The rows in front of and behind her were empty. She left two empty spaces between her and Prince Andrew. Allow the attendees to sit next to their partner. Prince Charles sits next to his wife Camilla, Prince William next to his wife Kate Middleton.

Queen Elizabeth is on the far left.
Photo: Reuters

As the queen sat alone, dressed in black and wearing a mouth mask, to many people she seemed lonely and gloomy. “Seeing the Queen sitting alone with her head bent is heartbreaking,” British journalist Dan Whitehead wrote on Twitter.

The picture will be recognized by many people. The Corona pandemic has forced people around the world to bid farewell to their deceased loved ones in difficult circumstances. “This very touching picture of the Queen sitting alone will undoubtedly become one of the images of the epidemic,” journalist Louis Goodall said on Twitter.

Queen Elizabeth has been married to Prince Philip for at least 73 years. She will turn 95 on Wednesday.