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Gluren bij BV’s: herken jij deze peuter? En de stomende fotoshoot van Ellemieke Vermolen

BVs peek: Do you recognize this little boy? And the picture is saturated with steam …

From snapping a photo in an indoor pool, a relational teacher and a late Easter bunny: Famous Flemish people have been busy with all sorts of things over the past week. Share their experiences on Instagram – which we’d love to collect for you.

Also in order Eva de Roux He looks forward to the moment the terraces open again. She wants to use her son Luca to order beer …

“she was shudderThey drank a lot of Coke Zero on the stands and they all hugged: Astrid Stockmann It pays tribute to the Procorona version itself. She does it for a selfie in a leopard print shorts.

Ellemieke Vermolen I snapped a steamy photo shoot in a lavender bikini.

Enjoy the golden hour together: Julie Vermeer Show her boyfriend how to do it.

Showbiz couple Tom Dyce On Cato Calleboot We were together for three years and those years went quite smoothly.

Who is this little man? Nothing but Pascal Brickman, 58 years ago.

Rocket Eva Diliman He is already six months old. “We keep them,” she writes of her daughter Moon.

Hermann Verbruggen, The alias Markske uit The heroes, Leave the Easter bunny in chocolate for a moment.

Feel free to do so Ella Layers She plans to take 10,000 steps for the pink ribbon every day.

Becky Elligms She is fond of … linen, her favorite fabric on warm days.