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Quentin Tarantino keeps his promise since childhood: "Mi ...

Quentin Tarantino keeps his promise since childhood: “Mi …

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American director Quentin Tarantino’s mother used to not believe in her son’s writing talent, so little Quentin swore she wouldn’t get a dime if he became famous. This is how it happened: the director, among others, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood The Pulp of Fiction World famous and rich today, and to this day my mother is not allowed to take advantage of his success.

Hanne Vandenweghe

It was Quentin Tarantino who explained his promise in the momentPodcast directed by Brian Kopelman. In it, he said he was described for years as a “stupid boy” at school. The tide began to turn around the age of thirteen, the age at which he wrote his first screenplays. But according to him, his mother remained a nuisance at the time.

“My little writing career is over,” said the director. Her words echoed and made Tarantino think. He promised himself that she would never take advantage of his fame, if that career passed.” I said to myself, if I become A successful writer, you’ll never see a cent of my success. There will be no home, no vacation, no Cadillac for my mother. You don’t get anything to say that.”

Tarantino kept his word. He said on the podcast that he once helped his mother because she had a tax problem. But other than that, you didn’t get an expensive house or car from him as a gift.