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Bed and breakfast owners are looking for their match on VTM: Want to date them?  |  television

Bed and breakfast owners are looking for their match on VTM: Want to date them? | television

televisionLuxurious villa, thriving business and sunshine every day. Participants in the “B&B full of love” have it all, but they still lack one thing: the perfect partner. To do something about it, VTM will soon start recording this new dating show.

In “B&B Full of Love” – ​​the name is still a working title – the owners of this vacation spot go in search of true love. So “the farmer is looking for a wife”, but then with the owners of guest houses.

VTM presents three participants and is still looking for romantics seeking asylum abroad. The first of them is Arnaud (30), a former equestrian who owns a bed and breakfast in southern France and Morocco. There’s also animal lover Stephanie, 40, who is looking for a man to run her own bed and breakfast in Volhem, France, near Limoges. Finally, there’s Isabel, 57, who rents out lodgings in a castle and vacations at the foot of Mount Fentox.

In the Netherlands, “B&B Full of Love” has been a huge success, and the program is currently running on the largest commercial channel in the Netherlands, RTL4. Candidates who would like to get to know the three Belgian candidates better can visit

Connection from Arno (30)

Arnault moved with his family to southern France at a young age to open a bed and breakfast there. After training at a prestigious riding school and working in the equestrian world, a sports enthusiast now runs a bed and breakfast with his family. Arnaud also recently opened a brand new guesthouse in beautiful Morocco. There is clearly no shortage of ambition.

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Call from Stephanie (40)

Stephanie has her own paradise in France. She runs a three-room bed and breakfast in the village of Volem, surrounded by nature. Stephanie is an active and adventurous woman, and says she has “nowhere to sit.” She also has a big heart for animals. Her loyal dog Ghost never leaves her side.

Call from Isabel (57)

Isabel rents residences in a castle and vacation at the foot of Mount Fentox. The property is located in a small village and consists of 27 studios, 17 apartments and some villas. Isabel radiates enthusiasm and is a true animal lover. She loves walking with her dog and enjoys making people happy.

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