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Question marks over Rimmer's behavior: 'This isn't really normal'

Question marks over Rimmer's behavior: 'This isn't really normal'

A year ago, RSC Anderlecht's season ended after the regular competition, but now the record champions are once again competing for the national title. Very good work by Brian Rimmer. However, there are still question marks behind the Danish coach.

During the 2022 Winter World Championships, another sporting revolution was launched at the RSCA. For example, Purple & White has appointed the relatively unknown Jesper Fredberg as its new “CEO of Sports”. He, in turn, appointed his compatriot Remer as the new head coach. That was a huge risk.

After all, he didn't have any experience as a head coach yet. Rimmer worked mainly in the shadows. First at FC Copenhagen, then as assistant coach at Brentford. Logically, there have long been doubts about his appointment to the T1 position.

Sufficient profits

In his first months at the RSCA, he did not perform well tactically and the results were disappointing, while his rhetoric was very positive. He was often described as Friedberg's hand puppet. But Rimmer has now built a cohesive team and proven himself to be a good people manager. You can also see the results.

However, according to many, the latter is mainly due to the significant injection of quality implemented in the summer mercato. “But you shouldn't take too much away from Rimmer either,” says analyst Frankie van der Elst. “I wouldn't make him the greatest coach, but presenting it as if he has nothing to do with it is not true either.” The newspaper.

Wilderness on the margins

During his first months at Lotto Park, Rimmer was very humble, but that has changed now. Nowadays he is furiously angry on the sidelines. There were often frictions between opposing coaches, as is the case with Hein Vanhaysbrouck, Mark van Bommel, Wouter Franken, ….

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Van der Elst has his reservations about this behaviour. “He's screaming, it's really abnormal. When I sit in my seat, I'm already thinking: Calm down. And as for the opposing team's coach… Either Reimer doesn't know about it, or he's withdrawing.” “He doesn't care about that. Going out and everyone's looking away, it shouldn't be fun. But above all Reimer has to make friends inside Anderlecht.”