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Club Brugge opens the title race quite open: the blue and black outplay a very weak Anderlecht in every respect

Club Brugge opens the title race quite open: the blue and black outplay a very weak Anderlecht in every respect

Union champion? Anderlecht champion? These playoffs could soon have more title contenders. After Union, Anderlecht also lost. The purple and white team had no chance against a powerful Club Brugge side, who actually took the lead in the third minute.

How bad luck can you have. After Mignolet and Skov Olsen withdrew, Hans Vanaken was also suffering from stomach flu. This meant that Nicky Hayen had to play with unused midfielder Onyedika-Vetlesen-Nielsen.

Brian Rimmer responded by putting Thomas Delaney in the team and… surprisingly removing Mats Ritts. Three minutes later the score was 1-0. The occasional captain took a corner kick from Skouras and headed it perfectly into the corner.

Hayen gains the tactical upper hand

This wouldn't be the club's only chance of the first half, mostly due to mistakes in the purple and white defence. Skouras, Thiago, Maier, Thiago again and Gutgla – who came on for the injured Nielsen – missed the 2-0 scoreline.

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The only thing Anderlecht could manage was a poor shot from Dreyer and a header from Delaney. What a shame to hear what the visitors showed. They tried to play through the wings every time and neglected the midfield.

Hein arranged his affairs well from abroad. With Onyedika and Vetlesen who always come to support. Delaney defending Leoni in Anderlecht's midfield was eye-catching, because constructively the Dane is certainly inferior to the Nerby lad.

Thiago remained missing, followed by Onyedika

The traffic slump continued to pile up. Schmeichel sent cruise missiles towards Dolberg, which Ordonez and Michel accepted gratefully. The picture was right at Klopp, but it was completely wrong at Anderlecht.

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The club beat Anderlecht completely. It was only due to the ineptitude of Thiago, the man of 37 million, that they did not score 2-0 at the start of the second half. But then there was Onyedika who tried from outside the penalty area and doubled the lead.

In terms of mentality, in terms of passing, in terms of dueling strength, in terms of line running, in terms of combinations, in terms of experience… the club was better in all areas. Anderlecht took the lead for a moment, but there was only one big chance. Amuzu faced Jackers. Onyedika even made it 3-0 with a set-piece. Dreyer's header was just a plaster on a wooden leg.

They can have hope again in Jan Breidel after a strong performance. Next week Anderlecht and Union play against each other and second place could get a little closer. Who knows… considering the level of these two.

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