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Bijeenkomst De Baete in Ruinen

Redesign of De Baete Sports Park in Ruinen paves the way for homes

De Baete Sports Park in Ruinen should provide space for more sports and activities after the transformation. By redesigning the sports park, space for habitation is provided.

Leaky ice rink, insufficient storage space and outdated facilities. Ruinen’s sports federations and clubs are eager to adapt to De Baete. They sat down with the municipality of De Wolden and sketched out their wishes. “Needs have changed over the years,” both parties wrote. “Through cross-functional use and new partnerships, we want to make the sports park together more attractive and future-proof for Ruinen and the surrounding area.”

The most striking change is that of VV Ruinen. The football club’s main stadium will be moved to the former korfball stadium. The changing rooms and the canteen, which will be located between the football fields, will also be moved. The club’s current property is intertwined with the De Baete gymnasium, which the municipality wants to get rid of because with the larger De Marse sports hall there is already a still satisfactory indoor sports site.

The outdoor theater goes to the site of the former water board, where there is ample parking. The Open Air Game Ruinen Foundation would like to replace the old current site with a new, greener environment. An added advantage is that the locals have less inconvenience from the activities.

This transformation creates space for new homes, which is a must in Ruinen.

The area should become a pleasant environment for young and old, as can be read in the vision they drew together. Thus, De Baete transforms from a sports park into a “multifunctional exercise park” with space for sports, recreation, relaxation and meetings. According to organizations, communication is important, it should be more than a set of functions. “The park still lacks a core that connects the functions as a unit in the area,” says the vision. But he will come. A heart that takes the shape of an exercise street.

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Existing and new tracks terminate in this central sports street, so cohesion is created. Runners can use the Avenue, for example. A new cycle path being built between Meppelerweg and the school also leads to this central path.