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Rick van den Berghe puts his strong performance last week into perspective: 'You just got a lot of space' (De Pentee)

Rick van den Berghe puts his strong performance last week into perspective: ‘You just got a lot of space’ (De Pentee)

Men’s Basketball League 1 LDP Donza – Kortrijk

Rick van den Berghe, here against the basics: “It’s great that we got to the play-offs.”© Geert de Riek

After a difficult 73-100 draw against Wargem, LDP Donza will be presented with another top team on Saturday with Kortrijk Spurs. Throw in the OCP at 8:30 p.m.

Johan Gudisapua

Although Rick van den Berghe scored 30 points, the LDP Donza was no match for Wargame on Saturday. “There wasn’t much that could be done about it,” Hadaf said. “They shot unbelievably. Several absentees of course didn’t help either. If you also lose a goalkeeper with Thomas van Heel, that puts extra pressure on the attackers. We’re not there yet. So you understand things weren’t so clear. It’s an understatement to say LDP Donza has been pretty harassed lately. I can only hope we’ve finished again with the play-offs. It doesn’t seem obvious to me that Landon Unruh will be fit again. As I understand it, he’s definitely not ahead About the schedule Regarding his rehab schedule. Why did it go so well for me against Wargame? Doesn’t mean anything. The opponent gave me a lot of space, and I knew how to make good use of it. When the shots fall, it goes smoothly. Someone has to endure responsibility in this area.

“Simon Ghesquiere? He worked all day and only recently recovered from a minor injury. Anyway, it’s still great that we were able to reach the finals ever. The goal remains to get as far as possible in that regard.”

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Well done Kortrijk

“If you ask me who has the best chance of winning the title, based on what I see now, I think of Oxaco. Second, we must definitely not forget Limburg United B and Kortrijk. This team will soon come to OCP. With four professional players in their ranks, it looks like they are ready. for the first division. It is good for Belgian basketball that such a team shows itself”, Rik van den Berghe concludes with his analysis.