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Reimer criticizes... Standard after the match against Antwerp: “For the club to decide to do this... is incomprehensible!”  - football news

Reimer criticizes… Standard after the match against Antwerp: “For the club to decide to do this… is incomprehensible!” – football news

Kasper Schmeichel played a great match against Antwerp. In response to the many criticisms he has already had to swallow. The Danish goalkeeper isn’t actually that concerned. And his coach, Brian Reimer, clearly does. Especially when it comes to talking about it.

Schmeichel made several important performances against Antwerp. “Look, Kasper has already received a lot of criticism. The most important thing for me is: he didn’t make any mistakes that actually cost us points. Could he have done better? Yes!”

“But there seems to be an ongoing campaign against him,” Reimer said. “Today he responded with a strong performance. This is how strong people respond.”

A little later, Rimmer wanted to add something and was mainly targeting the standard. This week they posted a video online of Karl Hofkens saying “his players should shoot to the corner because ‘that keeper’ can’t get to it anyway.”

That the club dares to throw this online…

And that went completely wrong with Rimmer. “You journalists ask critical questions and I like that. The fans discuss what can be improved. I like that too. But when a coach talks like that about a rival player and the club then decides to post that on social media? No, that gets weird.” “Very personal and that’s not For me. “That’s all it is and it’s not appropriate.”

This video was also provided to Schmeichel shortly afterwards. “I didn’t see that. Besides, I don’t care what other coaches say about me. Isn’t it natural that they want to motivate their players in this way? To put the video on the Internet? That’s what they do.” “I care about all that. I understand that your job is to write stories, but I don’t agree with that.”

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