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Reinforced, the Blues crush the All Blacks and mark their territory two years before the World Cup

They marked the meeting with a white cross. On Saturday, November 20, in the state of France, the bodies of the Blues All Blocks were marked in white. And souls. The New Zealand-style winner (40-25) in the final of the autumn tour, Fabian Calletti of France, hosts his reference match on the 15th. Of whom one says the stars in the eyes.

Recall the meeting: The Blues achieve this feat by beating All Blocks

“It has been a few weeks since this poster appeared in our minds.”The day before the meeting he met with Captain Antoine DuPont. He rarely swallowed Haqqa and did not pull his allies to attack the best New Zealand players on the rugby planet. Confirming their strength, they put Ian Foster’s men on their backs and scored three tough runs in half an hour (two for Beato Moffaka and one for Roman Nadmak).

In the State de France, the best choice for an annoying crowd at the peak of the crowd. “There was a lot of noise, we allowed them to speed up from the beginning”Breathing Coach New Zealand. After a year and a half of famine and epidemic, the French public has sent a signal to all blacks that they will return to the Dionysian region in two years to start the 2023 World Cup – against France’s 15th World Cup.

Exhausted by the endless flow – they have spent the last twelve weeks in a very severe health bubble – and as they gained more power in Ireland (20-29) last week, you might think Sam Whitelock’s team was cut off by the blue rage. . All blacks have dominated the heart of the game – as evidenced by two French tests recorded after a hacking group – and they have their backs bent. But after the break, they reminded the French why their black jersey holds a special place in world rugby.

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In an action, Ntamack breathes new life into the blues

Approximately conducted when returning from the locker room with a proud New Zealander, and on the verge of giving up, the Blues will take to get back on track. After a good kick from fullback Jordi Barrett, Romain Entomac was able to recover the ball on the French goal under pressure from opponents. But instead of confirming this, the Toulouse Infantry was revived, destroying two enemies and launching a lightning-fast counter-attack. With a blind pass, he serves Melvin Zamonet, who climbs across the field before he can serve Antoine DuPont. “We were five meters away with the yellow card against the opposing team [Ardie Savea]. Psychologically, this pride has benefited us greatly., Captain Blues likes.

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Recently released, an hour after shattering New Zealand’s front line, Cyril Bailey’s motorcade soared. “I cried with all my might, it was magic, Agrees. This great achievement brings us into the game a little bit. “ Because the blues felt the breath of blacks around their necks. They reached the second half with a big lead (24-6) and fifteen minutes later saw the 2011 and 2015 world champions score three tries (27-25). “We had a bad time at the start of the second half and then it was a very bad time. Fabian Calde mentions. Until this moment when Roman and the players behind him decided to stop: “We’re starting the game again.” “ They did not leave.

After two incomplete victories Against Argentina In (29-20) Georgia (41-15), the Blues knew they were expected. While their ability is not in question, for two years Fabian Caldev’s men have taken the unfortunate course of not letting some goals slip. Do they climb Montenegro and check their progress with a valuable victory? Antoine Dupont’s partners met for a month in Marrakesh, and they were successful in the fall. “We were able to have a perspective, not stumble.”Greetings from the captain of the blue ship. It is complete and offers valuable success to Fabian Calletti and his staff.

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“We do not go to others”

Les Bleus defeated the Blacks by Vintage Galthié, and it is very rare to experience these victories. The last French victory against the Fern team It starts in 2009, And the Blacks were tied for fourteen consecutive wins. Until the last second, Melvin’s team roared with a siren across the 40-point beam and kicked the perfect jamnet (8/8). Just send a message two years before the 2023 World Cup. “We have been watching its growth for two years and we saw it tonightAfter the meeting New Zealand coach Ian Foster received. France defeated us tonight, it was a good mix of confidence and talent and experience. “

‘These players believe in themselves, they are limitless’Fabian Galthey adds. Like in the last French Test, Damien Bennett jumped to spray the ball, but lost to France, with his arms outstretched towards the goal. Not all blacks were rescued. But, the coach warns. “We will not take ourselves for others. This victory is a step that will not change our vision.”

Against all blacks (in white), Damien Bennett scored the French fourth attempt.

In the “time arrow” he hung when he took office, the encounter against the “All Blacks” was halfway to the path to the commitment to the 2023 World Cup. At the end of 2019 In the breeder’s castle, The purpose of Lot was clear: “Quickly retrieve matches and titles.” Before the games, select the This Blues box – Saturday, by the way – the titles will remain the same. At the 2022 Six Nations Championship, which they will host three times (including their final against England), they can advance. “Against the All Blacks is one thing, but if you beat them, you’re a different rugby player.”Rafael Ibnes, general manager of The Blues, warned in Marquez this week. Once they have completed their capitalization, they know what is expected. “From now on all teams will be 200% against us”Melvin Zaminet breathes. For two years on the uphill slope they want to pick up the handbag.

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