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Relatively many purges this weekend, but it also rains regularly

Relatively many purges this weekend, but it also rains regularly

Next week it will be 20 degrees again and sunny, but before that we have to be patient during the volatile weekend.

Saturday morning It will be partly cloudy at first. Cumulus clouds form during the day and some rain or winter showers can fall, especially along the border with the Netherlands and in the Ardennes. It’s still very sunny by the sea. The maximum ranges from 4 to 11 degrees. This was stated by RMI.

by evening There will be a few temporary showers, locally with a wintry feel. It will gradually become dry and there will be large areas, alternating with more high cloud fields at times. Minimum temperatures fluctuate around -3 degrees in the Ardennes, around or just below the freezing point in the center and about 3 degrees in the sea.

Sunday It starts out fairly sunny, with fields of high clouds. More clouds appear gradually and become very cloudy. Very locally there may be a limited amount of precipitation. In the late afternoon, the clearance will again widen from the west. Maximum temperatures range from 6 degrees in the high mountains to 11 degrees in the west.

The work week starts dry, with mostly high drawdowns. Maximum temperatures range between 13 and 16 degrees. Tuesday will be dry with a lot of high clouds. At the end of the afternoon and in the evening also expect more cumulus clouds. The extremities fluctuate between 17 and 20 degrees.