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Renault is working on new electric motors and 800 volt technology –

Renault is working on new electric motors and 800 volt technology –

Renault announces a new type of electric motor called the E7A. In collaboration with Valeo, this should create an electric motor that is 30 percent smaller than the motors currently used in the Megane E-Tech and the just-revealed Scenic E-Tech. Obviously, more compact housing doesn’t come at the expense of energy. Renault talks about power of up to 200 kilowatts or 272 horsepower. That’s a known number, because cars on Geely’s SEA platform also offer exactly that power. So far, Renault has set the power of the Megane and Scenic at 160 kW or 220 hp, meaning a significant increase has already been achieved.

In addition to being more powerful, the new electric motors are more efficient. Renault means it at least relatively, because it talks about “more power without using more energy”. This is perhaps the highest that can be achieved, because the new electric motor is an asynchronous electric motor, and therefore differs in design from Renault’s current permanent magnet power supplies. Such an asynchronous motor is theoretically a little less efficient, so it would be a truly great achievement if Renault can keep the power consumption down. According to the French, the advantage of the new type of engine is that its construction does not require any rare earth metals.

Renault wants to use the new electric motors in cars with a voltage of 800 instead of 400 volts. This is good news for the loading times of, among other things, the French Promise, which will be significantly reduced. The 800V motor isn’t exactly new, as Kia, Hyundai and Porsche, among others, already use it. We can add Renault to that list from the end of 2027, because after that the serial production of the new driving technologies should begin.

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