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A global annoyance on Spotify, Snapchat and other platforms

A global annoyance on Spotify, Snapchat and other platforms

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On Tuesday evening, users around the world got annoyed when they wanted to use apps like Spotify or Snapchat. A glitch in the Google Cloud could have caused the problems.

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The main problem with Google is now resolved. The impact of the problems and complaints spread on social media. Google, Spotify, Snapchat, and Etsy were more difficult or inaccessible in some cases, and many other systems for companies large and small were also hit by problems. Dozens of applications were UnderFrom popular apps like Spotify, Snapchat, and even Pokemon Go, to Home Depot, Rocket League, and Apex Legends.

The culprit appears to be Google Cloud. That service’s status page stated that network problems resulted in a 404 error. Google provides so-called “computing power,” meaning computing power, to many websites. Due to a network configuration failure, many websites are down.

Google reported on its status page on Tuesday evening that the cloud issues have been fully resolved. The company apologized for the problems caused by the outage.

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