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Resonant argument at Wimbledon after 'fake injury': 'You...

Resonant argument at Wimbledon after ‘fake injury’: ‘You…

Agla Tomljanovic and Jelena Ostapenko clashed after their third round match at Wimbledon.

Tomljanovic won the match after losing the first set to Latvia. It eventually became 4-6 6-4 6-2 for the Australian. Then, accusations flew back and forth.

Ostapenko was in pain throughout the match, and at one point there was a physiotherapist on the field, which needed 11 minutes before play could resume. Tomljanovic already shouted to the referee: “You know she’s lying, right?” Ostapenko replied: “If you think I’m faking it, ask yourself for medical leave.”

“Your behavior is terrible,” she said after the match. “You have no respect. Honestly, you have to talk,” said Ostapenko, the 2017 Roland Garros winner. ‘What or what? “Very bad, very bad,” she replied. “You are the worst player on the track.”


At the press conference, there was also a discussion about the bitter feud between the two.

“She can say she was injured, but I can’t believe it,” said the Australian. “There was nothing wrong with her until she was 4-0 down. Specific reason for her to break my rhythm. Then she calls me disrespectful. Ridiculous. I think that’s just shameful behavior from someone who has already won a major slam. Kids look at her and then you get this? I’m tired of things like this continuing to happen.

Ostapenko defended herself by saying that she was already injured. “It was hugely disrespectful to her,” the Latvian said. ‘How can you call me a liar if you don’t know anything about my injury. You just don’t say that in front of everyone. That’s what I also told her that she can’t act like that. Certainly not because she was winning. If I could play 50 percent today, I’d beat her anyway.

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