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Results of the Women's Cycling World Cup 2021. Italian Elisa Balsamo...

Results of the Women’s Cycling World Cup 2021. Italian Elisa Balsamo…

How did the global title come about?

We did not experience a nervous and frantic onset in the women to say the least, and strangely enough, there was no flight for the day. It took about half way out of the race for the rider to get a little ahead of the group, but New Zealand’s Michaela Drummond didn’t get more than 45 seconds on her own.

At the end of Flandrien’s episode in Overijse, the final seemed to have already begun. Lucinda Brand and Chantal Blaak alternate acceleration, resulting in a sharp weakness in the peloton with 50 kilometers from the finish.

On the way to the local tours in Leuven, everything became a little more tense and it suddenly rained attacks, especially from the Dutch and Italian camps. At Wijnpers, the strongest women in the race tried to tear things apart, but in the end no one got away with it: We got a sprint by about twenty.

In it, 34-year-old Marianne Voss seemed to have the best cards, but she also had to tackle fast Italian Elisa Balsamo, who kept Marianne Voss off her fourth world title. Awesome, because new world champion Elisa Balsamo has only won one race this season: GP Oetingen.

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How did the Belgians do?

The Belgian woman’s intention was clear: to help Lotte Kubicki as long as possible. They have worked well. The Belgians showed themselves at the front of the race, on their way to Overijse they assembled a train at the head of the group to check the condition of the race.

When the final match broke out, the job of Kim De Pat, Valerie Demme, and Shari Bossuet ended. Julian Dehor and Jesse Vandenbolke were the ones who took care of the longest-running Chief Kubicki and did an excellent job. D’Hoore’s effort to get the supporting group back with Kopecky back into the favorites group has been impressive.

In the end, of course, it was Kubicki himself who had to finish it, but the slopes on the local circuit in Leuven cut it short. I rode with the large leading group to the end, but it was no longer possible to take part in the sprint. She had to settle for sixteenth place.

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Anything else notable you should know?

Those who started the race halfway noted that there was no flight today at the Women’s World Cup. A striking track that we consider impossible for men on Sundays.

Result (top five)

1. Elisa Balsamo (ITA) 157km at 3u52’27”

Marian Voss (NED)

3 – Katarzyna Nevadoma (Poland)

4 – Blanca Fez (HON)

5 – Arlinis Sierra (CUB)

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