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Review: Fast & Furious 9 ★★★ + 5 More Movies

Review: Fast & Furious 9 ★★★ + 5 More Movies

Filmtotaal has 6 new reviews of the films that will premiere in Dutch cinemas this week. If you want to know where you can watch these movies, use our site cinema schedule.

Recensie: Fast and Furious 9 (2021)

Director: Justin Lin | spit: Vin DieselAnd the Michelle RodriguezAnd the Jordana BrewsterAnd the Tyrese Gibson“The ninth installment of the Fast series (not counting the spin-offs) realizes its absurdity.” …

Read full Revision “Fast and Furious 9” Written by Frank Stoll.

Recensie: Night of the Kings (2020)

Director: Philip Lacotte | spit: Steve TenchoAnd the Steve TenchoAnd the Rasmani OuedraogoAnd the Isaka Sawadogo

A magical realist film about the power of storytelling…

Read full Revision Night of the Kings Written by Lisa van der Waal.

Review: Dark Rider (2021)

Director: Eva Cooper | spit:

.. “A very exciting documentary about a blind motorcycle rider who makes a special record attempt.” …

Read full Revision “Dark Rider” Written by Tom van der Kriek.

Review: The Forever Purge (2021)

Director: everardo gout | spit: Ana de la RegeraAnd the Josh LucasAnd the Will PattonAnd the Cassidy Freeman

.. The “Purgation Party” is back… But what if that night wasn’t enough to get rid of all the discontent? “..

Read full Revision “Purge forever” Written by Frank Stoll.

Recensie: Black Widow (2021)

Director: Kate Shortland | spit: Scarlett JohanssonAnd the Florence BogeAnd the David HarbourAnd the Rachel Weisz

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.. “Finally, a Marvel super spy has a solid background. Amazing and funny, but not without flaws.” …

Read full Revision ‘Black Widow’ Written by Frank Stoll.

Included: The Prince’s Journey (2019)

Director: Jean Francois LegionnaireAnd the Xavier Piccard | spit: Enrico Di GiovanniAnd the Thomas SagolesAnd the Gabriel Le DoseAnd the Marie Madeleine Bourget

.. “a sober and socially critical animated film about a monkey prince washing up on another monkey rock.” …

Read full Revision Prince’s Journey Written by Lisa van der Waal.