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Renners moeten ‘gecoördineerd’ plassen tijdens WK-wegrit: “Enige andere optie is een bidon”

Riders must urinate ‘in coordination’ during the World Cup road race: ‘H…

The Cycling World Championship organization advises riders who participate in the road race on Sunday to seize the moments of urination as quickly as possible. The crowd is expected to line the roadside from start to finish so that the number of places they can stop at at their leisure and without a line of spectators for a bathroom break is “extremely limited”.

“Riders will have to choose well-thought-out and coordinated pee moments,” according to course designer Wim Van Herreweghe.

It was contestant Yves Lambert who raised the issue on TV after Sunday’s trial, when he saw how many supporters there were already. “Next week there will be more people. I hope they provide areas where we can stop at our leisure along the side of the road. Because racing for 270 kilometers without being able to pee, it is not easy.”

Photo: BELGA

“There will be no private gathering areas without an audience,” Van Herreweghe says. “Between Antwerp and the first time the riders arrive in Leuven, there are some rural areas where it is quieter. But really there will not be much. It will be important for the riders to take advantage of those limited moments.”

De Gendt: “Empty the water bottle and pee in it”

Thomas De Gendt already has a solution: “The only thing I can compare it with is the tour: there are also always a lot of people and they are always waiting for a free moment where there is no one standing two hundred meters somewhere, he said. In the Brussels studio.” Then you also see That fifty or sixty passengers stop immediately. If that doesn’t work, the only other option is to empty a water bottle and then urinate in it.”

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