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Riot in the Netherlands after the idea of ​​adapting women's dartboard: "In football, the stadium has no other dimensions after all" |  More sports

Riot in the Netherlands after the idea of ​​adapting women’s dartboard: “In football, the stadium has no other dimensions after all” | More sports

dartsWomen will also soon compete for the world title in darts. Of course they do it on the same board as their male colleagues. However, in the Netherlands, Jacques Newallt suggested that female archers might benefit from an adapted board, where ‘doubles’ and ‘triples’ are slightly larger. This idea met with little support.

“At the beginning of January, the Amateur and Women’s World Cup will take place again in Lakeside,” Newlat explains. Then they plan one of the women after two men’s parties. At such a moment, you see a lot of people in the room going to the toilet or walking to the bar. In my opinion because female darts is not attractive enough. They quickly throw an average of twenty points less per turn than the men. There are no real “numbers” either. “I really want the best for women’s darts,” RTL Darts reporter said.

As the “doubles” and “triples” squares get larger, the average number of women will logically rise. What if a woman would approach a man without modification? Niolat knows the story that hand-eye coordination is less good in women than in men. “And that men are more able to focus on one thing. But I haven’t seen the scientific evidence for that.”

The achievements of Lisa Ashton, especially Fallon Sherook, have attracted attention in recent years. “Because they’re in the men’s and pro world championships, they sometimes win a match or two,” Newlat says. “Very handsome, but not enough to fully raise women’s arrows. I think a lot of people don’t even know that there is a separate Women’s World Cup.”

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Fallon Cherokee became the first woman to win a match at the PDC World Championships, in 2019. © Photo News


Doing nothing is not an option for me

Jack Niolat

Anka Zilstra saw that the Dutch arrow-loving “Facebook” was blown up by the idea of ​​Niolat. “Lots of negative feedback. I’m not in favor of that either, although I understand where Jack’s idea comes from. And look: Most women also have a more unstable pelvis than men. And less stamina, a different muscle build. But I feel like ` ‘Confused’ with my sport if I’m going to throw a different board than the guys. It doesn’t look so good when using tools for the benefit of spectators or analysts.”

Through a spokeswoman for the Dutch archery association, Aileen de Graaf, the best female archer in the Netherlands, says she found the idea of ​​the modified board “bullshit.” And that the field or goal in women’s football has no different dimensions than men’s. Niolat responds by saying that women overcome obstacles somewhat less than men. And the bullet in the shot is less heavy.

“Doing nothing is not an option in my opinion,” says Niolat, who has not publicized his idea of ​​a modified dartboard game sacred. “Let others come up with ideas too. I still have one. In the World Championships on Lakeside, plan a day the women will play the quarter-finals through to the final. Call it Ladies’ Day and then you can also use it as a product. Show as women what you deserve after that. Also in sponsorship and the like. If they prove themselves then, they can also put more force behind their plea for a fairer distribution of prize money.”


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