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Robbie Williams battles 'male menopause' and wants to go to Turkey to get new teeth |  celebrities

Robbie Williams battles ‘male menopause’ and wants to go to Turkey to get new teeth | celebrities

Robbie Williams has hit rock bottom, he told The Sun ahead of his 50th birthday in February. The singer admits that his party behavior at the peak of his career leaves him completely exhausted. Robbie reveals that his kids noticed it too. “My daughter says to me: ‘Daddy is lazy.’” But Williams doesn’t like hearing that word. “I don’t like the term ‘lazy’ because I was described that way when I was younger. The truth is, I’m exhausted from what I did to myself in the ’90s and 2000s.

To keep himself as young as possible, Robbie has plans for various cosmetic procedures. It’s not entirely new to him either, as he’s had Botox before, he admits. “Aida (his wife, editor) told me I could do more. That’s what I’m going to do.” His next plans are a bit more radical. Among other things, he wants to have his teeth extracted and brand new ones fitted in Turkey. “I’m also having a neck lift. I’m going to give myself that next year. I’m going for a consultation over Christmas, which is my 50th birthday present to myself.”

He will reveal what happens to Robbie next week in his new Netflix documentary. The singer promises to show his “raw, honest and real” personality through thirty years of clips from his personal archive. The documentary can be watched starting November 8.

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