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Roeselare zoekt ontwerpteam voor noordelijke stationsomgeving

Roeselare is looking for a design team for the North Station environment

Things will change in the Roeselare station area in the coming years. In addition to Infrabel, which has a concrete workshop here with an expired environmental permit, the city also owns land there. A master plan was already developed in 2014 that makes statements about the North Station environment. Today, the visions have matured and some new principles have been proposed for the development of this field.

A vision of the future focusing primarily on densification is no longer desirable. The city wants to investigate how its own land is being used and at the same time work to make this area greener with a slow connecting road in the direction of the Beveren sub-municipality. The city wants to develop the site into a nested meeting area in line with the Trax Youth Site and in relation to existing residential developments.


The city council wants to use design research to obtain a preferred scenario for further spatial development of the North Station environment. The aim is to provide the board of directors with a guideline to direct development demand towards a qualitative, spatial and socially valid interpretation. In addition, the city expects advice on potential leverages that would also enable green development on the land of private partners.

Not only should the burden of green development be shifted to the “meadow”, the part owned by the city. So the design team should pay attention not only to urban design and architectural quality, but also to feasibility. The client expects advice on phasing and timing, expected land and value-added inputs, potential establishment of land alliances, legal framework organization, project organization, potential partnerships, and quality assurance guidelines.

Strategic location

The city considers its own lands and thus the North Station area as a strategic location to invest in as an engine of spatial transition. How can innovative housing forms or patterns coexist with the realization of a “railroad garden”? The city wants to transform the spatial development vision resulting from this mission into concrete projects and policy interventions that can contribute to an enjoyable living environment.

The end result is a compelling picture and a global development perspective, including the necessary guidelines to spatially embody the global vision. In this way, the master plan forms an operational evaluation framework for future projects. The objective of the master plan is to define the guidelines for the northern station environment, which provide scope for long-term growth, while at the same time allowing for short-term actions. After all, growth should have a reinforcing effect and increase the quality of life in the center.

Connected to the updated master plan, a design study for the sub-area “de Prairie” is being prepared. This site is owned by the city and has an area of ​​2.2 hectares. It is an important pivotal site between the North Station District and the Beveren Sub-Municipality. The design study for this area should suggest a strategy that the client can use immediately and thus bridge the gap between vision and perception.

The client is looking for a design team with knowledge and experience in landscape architecture, architecture, urban planning and legal tools. The Flemish architect team will oversee the entire project and will be part of the contract award advisory committee. Interested parties can register until Friday, May 6 at 11 am.


  • Interested parties can register until May 6 at 11 am.

  • Customization explanation for selected designers: May 20.

  • A minimum of three and a maximum of five teams will be invited to bid by June 10.

  • Bidding is due on June 16.

  • Drawing a development vision by the spring of 2023.

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