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Romelu Lukaku explodes with confidence: Ronaldo, Benzema, K...

Romelu Lukaku explodes with confidence: Ronaldo, Benzema, K…

In Italy, Romelu Lukaku has won only once in six matches against Cristiano Ronaldo. However, his best level at Inter this season (24 goals, 11 assists) and the Red Devils put him at the same level as CR7. Big Rom has a full career ahead and could one day surpass Ronaldo.

At the press conference with Lukaku, Ronaldo’s match was a major topic. The Portuguese has 178 caps and 109 goals, but on average Lukaku scores more per game. “These are great numbers from Ronaldo. He continues his life. After Juventus were eliminated from the Champions League against Porto, he received criticism that I thought: This cannot be true. The match against Cagliari started in three in fifteen minutes (it was half an hour red). punishment. I try to get as close to him as possible.

However, Lukaku is not jealous. “Yes, I’d like to have Ronaldo’s dribbling and shot, but he might want my strength and play with his back to goal. Oh, I need to compete. When someone says he’s better than me, I want to get past him. Ronaldo wants to be the best in everything, Mbappe wants too.” Winning everything. I took a big step. Lewandowski, Benzema and Kane are used to being talked about as world class strikers. For me the comment has always been: ‘He’s in great shape.’ Well now I’m world class too. That was my personal goal “It was important to start winning. This title with Inter gave me motivation and now I also want to win with the Devils. It will be the ultimate appreciation for this team.”

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2022 week

Belgium counts on Portugal Big room. If things are going to be difficult, he has to kick it, preferably before Ronaldo. “If I play poorly, I will disappoint myself and the team because now is the time to harvest. We weren’t mature enough in the World Cup against France. We wanted to do it very well and got screwed up. Now we can win all kinds of ways. These are the important matches.” I will be there and so will the team.

With any victory in the European Championship, Lukaku’s hunger will not be satisfied. He once said he would retire after Euro 2020, but Romelu changed his mind. “There’s already a World Cup next year, right?”