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The most beautiful European Championship return ever: Denmark in 9 days from Hell to Heaven |  European Football Championship 2020

The most beautiful European Championship return ever: Denmark in 9 days from Hell to Heaven | European Football Championship 2020

No one has given a cent to Denmark’s chances at this European Championship after star player Christian Eriksen’s cardiac arrest. But look: Today Denmark will face Wales in the 1/8 finals. Reconstruction of the eventful group stage in which Denmark finished in 9 Days from Hell to Heaven.

06/12: Denmark-Finland 0-1

In their first match in Group B, the Danes appear at the European Championships for the first time in Finland in Al Ain in Copenhagen. Both teams drag themselves into the first half with a score of Mashhad, until Christian Eriksen suddenly collapses.

While the Danish figure is pressed to the chest for 10 minutes, his colleagues form a hedge to keep the cameras from being seen. An epitome of true team spirit, Simon Keir also plays a heroic role.

The 32-year-old captain immediately ensures that the midfielder cannot swallow his tongue, after which he tries to calm Eriksen’s girlfriend. A leader of the purest species.

Captain Simon Keir with Eriksen’s girlfriend.

Eriksen leaves the field conscious at the end. His teammates were very impressed. They decided, under pressure from UEFA, to resume the match after a break of nearly two hours.

This decision is not the right decision. Denmark is still very affected and falls 0-1 after a penalty from Höjbjerg and a Finn goal from Pohjanpalo.

The European Championship has just begun, and no one seems to be giving a dime to the Danish chances in Group B.

Denmark and Finland summary:

06/17: Denmark – Belgium 1-2

After 5 days, Denmark faces a very difficult task against the Red Devils. Not only the Danes, but the Belgians are still very impressed with the recent events. Not least Romelu Lukaku, who shares the dressing room in Italy with Eriksen.

In the lead up to the match, it’s all about the unfortunate midfielder. For example, among the players, it was previously decided to support Eriksen with an impressive applause during the tenth minute.

Despite being unprepared, the Danes showed a great warrior’s heart right from the start. Two minutes later, the Belgians already owe 1-0, after a quick goal to Poulsen.

Poulsen gave the Danes the lead after a mistake from Denayer.

The entire first half our demons are played from column to column. That the difference between the two halves remains at only one goal, so that’s a small miracle.

However, the Belgians turned the twisted situation around after the break thanks to a great replacement from Kevin De Bruyne. 1-2 after 90 minutes and again without pay to work for the Danes. An early exit from the European Championship awaits around the corner.

Denmark and Belgium summary:

06/21: Russia – Denmark 1-4

Denmark starts with 0 points and their appearance against the wall in the final of the group match against Russia. A win is a must for the Danes to keep claiming a place in the Round of 16.

After a rough start, the Danes finally got the engine running. Once again supported by thousands of fans, Eriksen’s teammates danced 1-4 to ruthless Russia.

Thanks to this big win and the Finnish defeat to the Belgians, Kjaer and his cohorts, as No. 2 in Group B, unexpectedly advanced to the 1/8 final against Wales.

A terrible nightmare turned into a fairy tale. Even with the greatest imagination you can’t come up with.

Russia and Denmark Summary:

The road from hell to heaven in pictures:

Is there still a quarter-final in it?

At 6 p.m., the Danes will play their 1/8 final in Amsterdam against Wales. Players can also expect their loyal supporters in the Netherlands.

In the meantime, the team managed to prepare for the match in high spirits. The following tweets from the Danish team prove it.

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