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room to grow - citrus

room to grow – citrus

Felsen A community that ensures that individuals realize their full potential and thrive, and that is CDA Velsen’s mission. Velsenaren tries every day to be meaningful and to move forward in life. The municipality should basically do the things that contribute to that.

By critically considering the tasks the municipality should or should not perform, a space is created. A space for Velsen residents to take initiatives themselves. But there is also financial scope for the municipality to reduce the burden on residents and save for the future. In light of Felsen’s fragile financial situation, this is sorely needed.

So having a more submissive government is part of our mission, as is accelerating housing construction, combating loneliness and sport as a link. Curious about CDA Velsen’s other spearheads? a look at

For space to expand, vote for CDA Velsen on March 14, 15 or 16 for one of these Velsen residents!

1. Gideon Nijemanting, 2. Cees Sintenie, 3. Frans Blokland, 4. Annekee Eggermont, 5. Jacqueline Staats, 6. Robert te Beest, 7. Jankees Salverda, 8. Ineke de Jong-Huizinga, 9. Hans Paap, 10 Marian Kastien van Eijk, 11. Peter Koopman, 12. Gert Wesseling, 13. Water Harttendorf.


From left to right Annekee Eggermont, Cees Sintenie, Gideon Nijemanting, Jacqueline Staats and Frans Blokland. Photo: supplied. Photo: delivered

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