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The Cultuurfonds Contribution provides additional space for the atrium

The Cultuurfonds Contribution provides additional space for the atrium

“It’d be cool,” this is the rousing voice of Wiebren Buma, Director of Cultuur Kwartier Sneek. Atrium applied to Kickstart Cultuurfonds and saw that he was being honored. “This is a fund that helps organizations make adjustments to coronavirus times,” explains Puma. For example, we can hardly use Noorderkerkzaal. An atrium square is more convenient. This creates more space. ”He points to the roofed courtyard of the Arts Center.

An additional stage is now being installed there, which could make way for tables and chairs if there were no offers. “It’s a great addition to what we already have,” says Puma. “It is a solution now and complementary to the future.”

Also See and feel Changes in the hallway. “This turns from gray to a warm dark green. We want to turn it into a kind of indoor garden.”

There will also be some architectural works. For example, the bar has been moved around and the kitchen is open. If people want to come here for a cup of coffee or find a quiet place to work, they can. That is what it is intended for. “

Puma hopes and suspects that the business will be ready in September, before the start of the new season.

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