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Rugby Super Power All Blocks played a key role in the development of Jumbo-Wisma: ‘The book is very important to us’

Rugby Super Power All Blocks played a key role in the development of Jumbo-Wisma: ‘The book is very important to us’

Jumbo-Wisma tops the list for cycling in 2022, but the Dutch cycling team is well aware of where it stood on the ladder a few years ago. Says Merijn Zeeman VeloNews Many things have changed since 2016, and he acknowledged that the New Zealand rugby team was a key pillar of the team’s new mentality.

The so-called ‘All Blacks’ have dominated rugby for many years, and based on that success, the basic strategy was explained in a book. Zeeman read the book and introduced it at Jumbo-Wisma. “When we first started in 2016, we seriously looked at other sports teams and companies to grow. It is important for us to have a certain motivation and interest to get better every day, from staff and riders to those in the office. We do not want to be left behind because of the huge ego, we always want to learn and be better. ‘

This is an important element in the book ‘Legacy’ about All Blocks. It will always be better, and that’s the idea. ‘That book was a great inspiration to us. The process by which all blacks went through is an example for us. That culture just has to be here. That book is so important to us that we gave it to everyone on Christmas. All-Black culture is about people accepting responsibility, while the organization is not fully responsible. When you are part of a team, it is important to be critical and always look for ways to excel. ‘

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Leaders play a key role in Jumbo-Wisma

In Jumbo-Wisma, riders are not told how to do something, but they need to think seriously. Zeeman praises the role of leaders such as Primrose Rocklik, Wood van Eart and Tom Dumoulin. They offer ‘their honest opinion’. ‘Sometimes it’s hard to get into a discussion because if you ask for feedback, you get it often. It’s not easy, but it’s good. We work closely with our skating partners. Coach Jack Ori has won gold medals at six consecutive Olympics with one or more of his athletes, which is extraordinary. We learned a lot from that and he made a big difference for us.