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Rumor: Apple and the EU reach an agreement on NFC payments – IT Pro – News

It’s really annoying if none of the available products completely satisfy you.

The issues I mentioned, of course, do not have widespread support among consumers. Of course this could be a trade-off, but I understand that Apple and Google to a lesser extent want/need to maintain some form of control over this or make no effort to provide it effectively. The more open a system is, the more unstable it becomes.

We can say you don’t He should Use, but of course it only lasts so long. Developers are more likely to ask their users to open something than to write code about it themselves.

Look at Windows. Windows is already stable from Windows Vista/7 onwards. These were the first versions that required users to install signed drivers.

Systems before this regularly became unstable due to broken drivers, etc

As a technician, I understand that you prefer an open system. But I also understand that the majority of users are ok with that.

I’m a Linux engineer, but my phone is just a tool. I think it’s good that Apple does it this way.
The entire NFC chip interests me
A few. Apple Pay works well with my bank. I can link my ID card to Digid.

I don’t need more.

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