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Mozilla announces the restructuring of its centers, layoffs and suspension – Computer – News

Mozilla is implementing a new business strategy and will therefore invest less in, VPN, Relay and Online Footprint Scrubber. As a result, an estimated 60 employees will be laid off. The Hubs VR chat room service will eventually stop completely.

The organization behind Mozilla communicates this in an internal memo, among other things, TechCrunch It has been seen. The company says in the memo that it wants to reduce many products within the security and privacy categories. Thus, Mozilla VPN, Relay, and Online Footprint Scrubber will receive less investment, but so far the organization has not specifically said what this means for these products. This news comes a week after the appointment of a new director.

The memo shows that the company will discontinue Hubs, a virtual reality app that allows users to chat in a virtual environment. There will be very little demand for this product, except for “gaming, education and some other areas.” No final date for the cancellation has been shared yet, but Mozilla says it plans to share the exit plan with users soon.

According to Mozilla, the focus will be more on the company's most popular product, the Firefox browser. In line with this, several core teams are merging, including the AI ​​and Machine Learning team. previously Bloomberg wrote Mozilla said 60 employees, roughly 5 percent of its total workforce, will be laid off due to the restructuring. The internal memo did not mention precise numbers.