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Rumor: Nvidia is working on a GeForce RTX 3080 Ti for laptops with GA103 GPU – Computer – News

In principle, the higher the coolant, the better :)

Especially with larger sizes such as high-end video chips (GA103 looking at GA102 and 104 will likely be between 4 and 500mm^2, that’s big) what primarily creates drawbacks is the number of thermal expansions.

That is, every time the video chip is heated and cooled, the video chip expands and contracts to a minimum again. Because the GPU itself has a slightly different makeup of the substrate on which it is based (and thus more or less determined by the GPU itself), connections between the GPU and the substrate keep emerging over the years. Pressing again which can eventually lead to failures like streaks/artifacts known across the image.

It is markedly better for the lifespan of the wafer if the wafer stays between 40 and 70 than between 40 and 100, because this expansion increases with increasing temperature fluctuations.

Why @-Twicker- The mention of 80 degrees specifically has something to do (I think) with Nvidia’s GPU Boost. This function will increase the clock frequency of the video chip beyond the advertised speed as long as it is feasible in terms of temperature and the TDP specified by the laptop manufacturer is not exceeded. In laptops these days, this clock speed can be 30% (!) higher than the advertised clock speed, so there’s a huge difference in performance. Now just let 80-85 degrees be the point at which Nvidia chips will lower their boost speed to the advertised speed so they don’t get hotter. Actual throttling (i.e. back below the advertised speed) only occurs at 95-100 degrees, by the way.

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Especially in laptops, the well-cooled RTX3070M could easily beat the less well-cooled RTX3080M if the former could score much higher with GPU Boost while the 3080M didn’t exceed the base clock speed due to temperature. With laptops, you should always very carefully look for reviews about how good the cooling is, which can be more important than the chip itself if there is only a β€œlevel” between them.

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