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Rumor: Twitter’s subscription formula will be called Twitter Blue

The optional subscription plan that Twitter is working on is called Twitter Blue and it is expected to cost $ 2.99 per month. Paid features include the ability to cancel a Tweet at the last minute. This is the claim of Jin Manchun Wong, a Twitter user who often finds out about newcomers and social networks.

Manchun Wong found many new paid features in Twitter code. For example, there are groups, which is a place where users can organize their favorite tweets into groups, to make them easy to find later. This feature has been on the wish-list of many Twitter users for many years.

A typo or remorse?

Additionally, there is the aforementioned undo function: even after a tweet is posted, users still have time to cancel the message before it appears online. Helpful if you misspelled it or regret the message you sent to the world as soon as it was posted. According to Manchun Wong, the time you have to undo a post seems editable.

It also expects Twitter to have various subscription plans, starting at $ 2.99 per month, with more expensive options offering, of course, more functionality.

The paid gadgets were not a surprise. Twitter announced at the end of February that it was considering subscriptions, a way to diversify revenue and reduce its dependence on ad revenue.

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