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Why shouldn’t you install Android 12 beta on OnePlus yet

OnePlus removed the link to download the beta version of Android 12 on the OnePlus 9 series. The reason for this was a series of complaints from users where the device crashed after an update.

Hardly a day after the beta release of Android 12 Problems have already surfaced on OnePlus. The company was one of the manufacturers that teamed up with Google to release Android 12. This new version of the OS was available to everyone OnePlus 9Models.

Trial version

However, many users soon announced that their smartphones crashed during installation, after which they can no longer do anything with their device. Upon restart, the smartphone crashes every time.

Due to these issues, OnePlus removed the update link temporarily. The company says it is looking for a solution, but it also confirms that the beta versions of Android are only for developers, not regular users. So those with little technical knowledge should steer clear of it.


No problem for those who have tried the update and now have an unusable smartphone. OnePlus shared on its forum an easy way to return to Android 11. This also includes a helpful video which you can see below.

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