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Russia could launch an offensive against Ukraine at any time, with a high-level meeting with the United States on Friday

On Friday, Plinkon will meet with his Russian counterpart Lavrov in Geneva, Switzerland. This was stated by a US State Department employee. Its purpose is to find a “diplomatic way” out of the Ukrainian crisis. An anonymous foreign ministry official said the secretary of state was “150 percent involved” in the search for a diplomatic solution.

Blinken and Lavrov had already spoken to each other on the phone this afternoon to discuss the conflict in Ukraine. “As part of that conversation, it would make sense for them to meet,” a US State Department spokesman said.

It said the meeting between the two ministers would provide an opportunity for Washington and Moscow to find a common ground. “Diplomacy is not dead.” Blingen will meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky and his President Dmitry Kulepa tomorrow in Kiev. He will hold consultations with Germany, France and the United Kingdom in Berlin on Thursday.

Russian soldiers training in Rostov, southern Russia.Image AP

Can attack at any time

But despite the planned consultations, the tension remains high. White House spokesman Zaki said Russian President Vladimir Putin was fully responsible for the current tensions. “President Putin has mobilized 100,000 Russian troops on the border with Ukraine to create this crisis,” he says.

“To be clear, we consider the situation to be very dangerous. We are now in a position where Russia can launch an attack on Ukraine at any time,” he said. It says it will have to bear “severe economic consequences.”

Ukrainian soldiers patrolled near the border with Donetsk, a pro-Russian region.  Image AP

Ukrainian soldiers patrolled near the border with Donetsk, a pro-Russian region.Image AP

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