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“UFO Report”: Americans have no explanation for the 143 reports on “unexplained aerial events” (yet)

What these 143 unexplained aerial phenomena are remains a mystery. They will be further investigated. According to the report, there are currently no indications that these may be aircraft or new aerial materials from other countries such as Russia or China, as there are no indications of a significant technological lead in these countries.

The report also excludes the possibility that these are advanced, more sophisticated US devices from the government or businesses. Furthermore, the report states that unexplained events do not appear to be natural phenomena in the atmosphere. “There is probably no single explanation for these events,” it says.

Can we think in the direction of extraterrestrial life? This question was raised when the report was submitted. “The purpose is not to evaluate any search for extraterrestrial life. Of the 144 reports we have handled, we have no clear indications. Non-terrain (Non-terrain, version) Description. But it will investigate anything the data indicates, “said an official who was not immediately available for comment.

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