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GTA 6 map leaked showing Vice City

GTA 6 map leaked showing Vice City

For the first time we’re taking a good look at the GTA 6 map, with Vice City in all its glory.

So far, Rockstar Games hasn’t said anything about arrival GTA 6. The company is top secret and refuses to respond to the rumors. We can all assume Rockstar is working on the game in secret. Every now and then some information “leaks”. It cannot be verified and therefore it is extremely difficult to determine whether this is real or fake. In this context, the GTA 6 map has been leaked.

GTA 6 map leaked showing Vice City

The game map has been leaked before, but this time we see Vice City in detail from above. Photo posted on 4Chan. Can be done The real deal But someone could’ve also pulled this one together in hopes of fame on the Internet. If so, congratulations. Everyone talks about you

Part of Vice City appears in the leaked GTA 6 map. What you see mainly is a wooded area with likely many hills. There are also beaches, of course. We also see some islands. She hopes this is the real deal. Especially since this volume looks cool. We have never seen a forest area in GTA before while nature has always played an important role in the series of games. In short, we can’t wait. The game will likely be announced next year or in 2023. (via the sun)

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