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Russian Man Finally ‘Free’ From Chinese Reality Show Three Months After |  Showbiz

Russian Man Finally ‘Free’ From Chinese Reality Show Three Months After | Showbiz

ShowbizFinally, Vladislav Ivanov (27) was allowed – after three months – to leave the reality show “Produce Camp 2021”. Despite frantic attempts to sabotage his game, his fans kept him on the show until the final. Much to the dismay of Vladislav.

In fact, the Russian Vladislav Ivanov was not supposed to participate in “Produce Camp 2021”. This is a Chinese reality show in which an 11-member international boy band was formed. The candidates train, sing and dance in the hope that they will end up on the set. The public must vote for their favorites.


Ivanov, who is fluent in both English and Chinese, has traveled with the production to translate for Japanese candidates. The shooting took place on an island near Hainan, completely cut off from the outside world. Soon the Russian language makers noticed it because of its beautiful appearance. “I actually came here to teach two of my Japanese friends the Chinese language,” he said himself. And the director knew I could speak this language and think I looked perfectly fine. So he asked me if I wanted to participate and savor the taste of life as a pop star. ”After several refusals, Ivanov finally agreed.“ But only because he was bored on the island, ”said his good friend Ivan Wang, president of the King Enterprises Group. He thought his participation could help his introverted personality. ”According to Wang, Ivanov does not like being in the spotlight at all.” I once arranged a modeling for him in Hong Kong. But five minutes into the group, he actually sent me an SOS message. He could not bear it anymore. ”

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Vladislav Ivanov. © YouTube screen capture

Also this time, Ivanov, who used the stage name Lelush, quickly regretted his commitment. He begged the audience not to vote for him. They said, for example, “Becoming a member of a boy band isn’t my dream at all, because I can’t sing or dance.” “I hope the referees will not support me. Other candidates may want to have an A, I want an F”, because that means Freedom (freedom, editor). “Ivanov made almost no effort to convince the judges. While the other candidates stopped in the first round, Ivanov presented a lukewarm and clumsy version of the Russian rap song” Jackpot. “Moreover, he regularly appeared rude and eccentric.

“do not love me”

But the audience did not send him home. On the contrary, Ivanov was voted in large numbers. Blogger Ruslan Usachev analyzed, “Suddenly, a real person took part in the show and so people started voting for him.” His fan base was only growing. “Let him do 996,” he said. This is an indication of chronic overtime in China – from nine in the morning to nine in the evening, six days a week. Ivanov kept begging for permission. He said, “Don’t love me, it won’t work, please don’t make me go to the final. I’m so tired.”

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Leaving it yourself wasn’t an option either. Ivanov signed a contract and will have to pay heavy compensation on departure. And so he had to pause his time. What horrified him was that he ended up in the final match. And once again he begged his fans not to choose him as the winner. He said, “I know how bad they want to see me. But there is a big difference between participating in this show and being in a boy group. I still think the judges will respect my choice.” Fortunately, Ivanov was right this time: he was finally allowed home in the final match. “Finally I’m done,” he sighed the next day on the Chinese website Weibo on Twitter, and his message was reposted more than 59,000 times, including by the Russian embassy. There he said, “Congratulations, rest now.”

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