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'Big Brother' award winner Jill reveals: 'Contact with Thomas waned' | showbiz

‘Big Brother’ award winner Jill reveals: ‘Contact with Thomas waned’ | showbiz

showbizAt Big Brother’s house, she’s sworn they’ll remain friends for life, but now winner Jill reveals that the connection with contestant Thomas has fizzled out.

Couple or not? That’s what viewers wondered when they saw Thomas and Jill. Jill indicated during her participation in the program that she might have feelings for Thomas, and in the dark a kiss also occurred between the two. However, in a video chat with Showbizz24, Jill now says that not only is there no romantic relationship with Thomas, but the connection between them has waned. “I had a very nice time with Thomas at home,” it seemed. But our friendship has since faded. With so much love, I’d like to see him again and do nice things with him.”

“In the beginning, everyone put so much pressure on us that we thought, ‘It must be because a lot of people want it.’ “But I still talk to him from time to time knowing he is fine. My door will always be open for him.”

Thomas was also not present at the “Big Brother” residents’ reunion, held last week. He now has a job behind the scenes of the programme, as a game creator.

Perhaps this season there will be love in the “Big Brother”. It appears that the current candidates are Dimitri and Vera To have feelings for each other.

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