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Russian space record |  Children's week

Russian space record | Children's week


And for those many days, plus eleven hours, 29 minutes and 48 seconds, the old record stood. This week, Kononenko exceeded that number during his fifth space mission.


The International Space Station, where Kononenko is located, is located several kilometers from Earth.


This is the number of days Oleg Kononenko spent in space after his one-year mission.


Kononenko does exercises every day to train his muscles. The International Space Station has treadmills and a cycling machine, so you can exercise in space.


Kononenko communicates with the home front via video calls and messages. He says that's why he doesn't feel alone.

Growing in space

Kononenko may have grown a little during his space flight. Astronauts' spines often stretch slightly due to the lack of gravity pulling on the body. When they return to Earth, they “shrink” again.

Astronaut's name

Cosmonaut is the name of a Russian space explorer. A Chinese space explorer is called an astronaut, and in the West we use the term astronaut.

Technological developments

Technological developments in space are moving like rockets. For Kononenko's mission, he repairs equipment and conducts experiments in difficult systems. However, space travel is what he prefers to do.

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