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Apple adapts App Store Connect platform to allow alternative app stores – IT Pro – News

This is possible on Android, but if you ask the average user: install an app, they will go to the App or Play Store. I wonder if it will go so fast.

Furthermore, I agree with you that all those triggers don't work for most users, but here too I think 70% of users simply use Steam and the “rest” are just there for the freebies and maybe if Steam uses that trigger. Install when you buy something there. In my opinion, as a developer, it doesn't do you much good to fight against the platform-specific store.

On mobile we find it strange that Play and App Store come with the rules there, while on PC we have this “open”, whether Mac, Windows or Linux, and yet the majority use the well-known installation method .

Freedom of choice now means for me on iOS that I don't have working web apps. So xCloud/GeforceNow and iCulture are actually 3 apps that may have been temporarily “torn down” by Apple because the EU is partly occupied with these rules again. However, it's good that they do. See the USB-C port that America also embraces and that without MFI certification on your USBC port, why… Apple's dream has been shattered.

Freedom of choice is a good thing, but ease of use still reigns supreme over the UI, so I don't understand why Apple is so keen on adhering to its Store policy. They should definitely see that the free world full of launchers does not work on Android. Nintendo isn't really participating in the Unreal Graphics Race and is still selling games like hotcakes. Also user loyalty again.

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It's a bit like not using an app like WhatsApp. I only have the business version on a fake phone at home. Just send: Hello, I can be reached via SMS and Telegram.
In early 2019 people tried for a while. I now know that my Android friends/semi-acquaintances have all started using Telegram to message or text me. iOS users have made the switch without much effort. This was revived for a while during coronavirus, but I didn't respond to it. Then a call came: Hello, I messaged you, no response – I don't have WhatsApp, so what do you want to know? The text is clear.

If you don't want something – there is no need to do something. If you, as a game studio, accept a lot of money from EGS to stay there for a year or more, that's fine. I'm not buying your game. What needs to be done is to eat, sleep, breathe and exhale. You can do all the rest – provided you accept the consequences. Like I sometimes explain to someone that the auto reply is not being read.

We'll see, I don't expect this kind of momentum.