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Russian Top Skaters Banned By US |  To slide

Russian Top Skaters Banned By US | To slide

Skaters wanted to fly from Schiffle in Amsterdam to Salt Lake City, but were not allowed to board the flight. They have now returned to their home country, otherwise they will face more training setbacks. They have the silent hope that they will be able to travel to the United States in the future, but are still in a state of uncertainty. The International Skating Union (ISU) is very disappointed and sent a burning letter to the US and International Olympic Committee on Wednesday afternoon.

“I understand this is currently being discussed at the highest level in the United States,” ISU President John Dijkema said Wednesday evening. “We strongly urge you to ensure that Russian skaters can travel to Salt Lake City in the short term, as these are worthy moments for the Beijing Winter Games.

In their own words, Dijkema and ISU now do not know why it is so difficult. “Since this is highly undesirable, we especially hope that a solution will be found as soon as possible. I still think that Russian skaters will take part in the World Cup in Salt Lake.

The first Dutch skaters sailed to North America earlier this week without any problems. At the start of the season’s third World Cup most national toppers were ‘bare’; From Ireen Wist, Jutta Leerdam and Irene Schouten to Kjeld Nuis, Thomas Krol and Kai Verbij. Like the Russians, the Dutch will have to work hard in the coming weeks to get the maximum opening tickets (for nine genders) for the Winter Games in Beijing.

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