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Samsung Galaxy A52 5G now gets Android 12 update in Netherlands

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G now gets Android 12 update in Netherlands

It’s an important day for a very popular smartphone. Dutch Samsung Galaxy A52 5G users can now install the Android 12 update. We show you how to do that.

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Samsung Galaxy A52 Android 12 update available

Samsung is speeding up the update of its smartphones to Android 12. Earlier this week, it was the turn of Samsung Galaxy A72. Today, the update is ready for the popular Samsung Galaxy A52. At the moment, it only appears to be related to the 5G version of this device. The 4G variant is likely to follow soon.

Do you have a Samsung A52 5G and want to install Android 12 update? This is a whistling sound. Go to Settings, choose Software Update at the bottom, then click Download and Install. The device will then search for the latest software, after which you can start the installation. You can also wait until you get an automatic notification when a new Android update is ready for you.

Android 12 comes with a new look. On Samsung phones, you now have the “Color Palette” option, which allows you to give menus, settings, and app icons a different look. Your phone looks at the wallpaper you set. For example, if you are using a blue background, you will see blue everywhere in the interface.

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In addition to the A52, many Galaxy A phones will receive Android 12. Think a little faster A52s, which (hopefully) will be updated soon. Samsung has already updated the necessary high-end phones. For example, consider Samsung S21And S20And S10 And the company’s foldable devices.

More about Galaxy A52

Samsung Galaxy A52 was released in March of last year and it is a very popular and popular device. The device is similar to the A72 in many ways, but it has a slightly smaller screen and one less camera. The device has the same processor, the same design and works on the same software.

know more? In the Samsung Galaxy A52 review We will tell you everything over the phone. Check also file Galaxy A72 review in a Galaxy A52s If you are looking for information about these devices. Samsung Rumored to work on Galaxy A53, which should follow the A52.

Did you receive the Android 12 update on your Samsung Galaxy A52 5G? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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