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WWDC is coming - and that's what Apple will announce!

WWDC is coming – and that’s what Apple will announce!

WWDC is coming! The event will begin with a keynote address on Monday 7th June. For Apple fans, this could be the best Apple time of year, as it usually guarantees some interesting discoveries. Which? In this article, you can read about our WWDC 2021 Predictions.

iOS 15

During WWDC, Apple usually gives a preview of the new operating systems that will appear this fall. The new software for iPhone is what we have been waiting for the most. Now we’re ready for that iOS 15! Noticeably little has been leaked about the new jobs this year.

There is talk of one Renewed control panel This is more flexible by design. Notifications just got smarterYou can set your preferences according to your activity, so that your iPhone does not make noise at work, for example. Yesterday, another somewhat debatable rumor surfaced about one Nutrition tracker In the Health app.

iPadOS 15

IPad will also receive a major update this fall. Often he hears criticism iPadOS 14 Widgets were. On your iPhone, you can place it among all your applications, thus designing very innovative Home screens. But the IPad widgets More limited. With iPadOS 15, you’ll get the same freedom iPhone devices have.

the new iPad Pro 2021 It was recently released, and it features an M1 chip for the first time, just like the fastest Macs. So it’s to be expected – exclusively for this model – that Pro functions will be on the way. Like professional apps or more comprehensive multitasking options.

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watchOS 8

WatchOS 8 should appear for Apple Watch this fall. What is almost certain is that a whole batch of new watch faces will be added again. Apple is also improving some standard apps nearly every year, so they look better on the small screen. Moreover, we hope to support the new AirTagsSo you can sound an alarm with one tap on your watch. Scribbling in Dutch would be a welcome addition.

MacOS 12

After macOS 10.0 (from 2001) to macOS 10.15 (from 2019), macOS 11 Big Sur finally appeared last year. So it’s time this year for: macOS 12! There are hardly any rumors. And to be honest, we expect Apple – after a massive update last year – to not be mad this year in terms of innovations.

tvOS 15

tvOS is the latest Apple operating system. This spring, Apple released a new one for the first time in years Camel from. This also includes a somewhat larger update. There is a lot of speculation about the new design: the tvOS App Store will look very different, among other things. There will also be wide options for parental controls.

The new MacBook Pro

WWDC usually focuses on software, but Apple often takes the opportunity to also announce new hardware. We’re putting our cards on the new MacBook Pro, 14 ”and 16”!

The new MacBook Pro is expected to get one Updated version of Apple’s own chip. Also, some old and lost connections will likely come back a lot: hopefully HDMI, SD card slot, and MagSafe. We’d probably say goodbye to the Touch Bar – it didn’t turn out to be the success Apple had been hoping for.

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