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Samsung rediscovers smartwatches at MWC on June 28

Samsung rediscovers smartwatches at MWC on June 28

Samsung and the new Google Next smartwatch platformWhich will integrate Wear OS and Tizen together It could get its first preview at MWC 2021 during Samsung’s virtual presentation, which the company announced will focus on the Galaxy ecosystem, the new viewing experience, and mobile security. The event will be broadcast on June 28 from 1:15 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. ET.

from Official MWC event page He states that Samsung is “reinventing smartwatches and creating new opportunities for developers and consumers alike,” which at least seems to indicate a first look at the future of Samsung smartwatches.

The new smartwatch operating system was announced at Google I/O earlier this year, and it’s a big moment for both companies. Samsung smartwatches are a high watermark for Android wearables, but they’ve been running their own operating system and app store for years. And Google Wear OS – despite the power of the Play Store and Google’s ability to integrate it more deeply with its services and Android – There is a shortage of powerful hardware partners.

A new collaborative project could solve the two companies’ problems, giving a preview of the new operating system (temporarily known as Wear) an exciting and potential first look at what the new wearable powerhouse could be.

The other two sides of the event, “Galaxy Ecosystem” and “Mobile Security”, are a bit more ambiguous, though the invitation does display the Knox logo, which would make sense for the latest announcement. But we’ll probably have to wait until June 28 for details.

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